Survived June

Somehow, I made it through June. July seems to be just as stressful, unfortunately. Let’s see if I can’t do something about that.

Meanwhile, July goal check-in:

  1. Cut 16% from what we’ve been spending on groceries.
  2. Make the breakfast muffin recipe twice each week, once as muffins and once as coffee cakes.
  3. Make bread twice each week.
  4. Add more soups to meals.
  5. Get a fall garden planned and planted.
  6. Take two recreation days.


  1. I made a meat run the other day and picked up mostly sale cuts. It was nice to leave the store with four bags of groceries and know that I had enough meat to get through nearly a week. It was also nice to get beef. I have been buying a lot of chicken to save money and, while I love chicken, I also love beef. We’ll see where the grocery tally ends up at the end of the month.
  2. I’ve made two batches of muffins and one breakfast cake. I have some apples thanks to that grocery run and may just end up making a nice apple cinnamon coffee cake.
  3. I’ve made bread once so far this week. Maybe tomorrow. Today’s a holiday.
  4. I made beef stew last night. Nobody touched it. Long story. Gonna make vegetable soup as a side for tomorrow night.
  5. No progress.
  6. None yet.  We’ll probably go out for fireworks tonight so that may count.

Gonna keep plugging along.


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