July Food Budget: Half Month Check-In

Here are the goals:

  1. Cut 16% from what we’ve been spending on groceries.
  2. Make the breakfast muffin recipe twice each week, once as muffins and once as coffee cakes.
  3. Make bread twice each week.
  4. Add more soups to meals.
  5. Get a fall garden planned and planted.
  6. Take two recreation days.

Here are the outcomes:

  1. I seem to be doing okay here, but I really won’t know until the end of the month. This is yet another tight month with massive (to me) medical/dental bills and a car repair looming. Keep your fingers crossed that the car works out to be a cheap fix because I honestly don’t know what I will do if it isn’t.
  2. I’ve backed off on this. Its popularity has waned and been replaced by whining about how we always eat it.
  3. I seem to be hitting once per week, but not twice. It is truly a time thing.
  4. I am trying. Sadly, they are not being well received.
  5. Nope. Although I am working on the yard. I also have a tree that’s about to come down and I expect to use some of the sawdust/debris from that as part of a lasagna layer for the fall garden. I also discovered that two little pea plants I thought died weeks ago have begun to flower. They are tiny and adorable.
  6. Sort of. We went to a graduation party and saw a lot of family that we haven’t seen in ages. I’ll come up with something else somehow.

I’ve also worked through significant portions of the crafting/sewing projects that need to be completed this month. At times, I feel chained to needle and thread, but the end results are definitely worth it. The materials cost is high, unfortunately, but I am couponing like crazy to bring that way down.

Gonna manage somehow.


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