Significant Car Repair Down

1,273 more to go.

This was not an easy day, nor was it an affordable one. I survived it, even though I feel like I’m going to collapse from exhaustion. Squeezed in a massive favor for a friend that had me up and moving well before dawn.

It’s going to be okay, though. I’ll figure the money out somehow. Right now, I’m just grateful that I’m not terrified to get behind the wheel. It makes such a difference in stress levels to have even one repair knocked out. Even one that there is no way in Hell I can afford. (I borrowed money to pay for it. Bad, I know. Choice, I didn’t have.)

I will figure this out. And I will do so more quickly because my brain is no longer clouded by fear. Because I no longer have to worry about making sure there is tow money in the bank. There is more than a week’s food in the house. No utilities are due to get shut off. This will be okay.


One thought on “Significant Car Repair Down

  1. staciasymone

    Hey there,

    Don’t stress too much. You have food to eat and no immediate worries about the bills?

    Now just take a breath because you won’t have that to stress about. 🙂 You will be just fine.



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