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Solution I Forgot I Had

I knew about the stove before I moved in here. I had considered it and figured out a temporary solution if it went out. I have long since put it out of my mind. Until yesterday.

When I first found out about the stove, I knew I wouldn’t have the money when it went. No brainer there. I could try to save, but, just in case, I made a plan. The grill, of course, was my go-to. I love grilling. Plus, it’s an easy cleanup. So much win.

Did I mention that my ex did something really shitty to my grill? Did I mention that the shitty thing he did rendered it useless shortly after I moved here? So, um, backup plan went to Hell. <sigh> He knew I loved my grill, of course he did something to fuck it up. That really hurt when it hit me.

Back when I was contemplating preemptive solutions, I also figured a toaster oven might be a good backup. Especially when it’s just too cold to grill no matter how superhuman I try to be. Then I started researching and trying to get the best deal. Then I started reading about them catching fire and discharged the idea from my backup plan.

Then, a week ago, the oven went out. Stove top still works, mercifully.

But, I make everything from scratch. Sorry, guys, no sandwiches. No biscuits. No cinnamon rolls. No bread.

I need to buy a new range and I need one ASAP.

And yet, it is awfully close to Black Friday. Somebody’s got to have a deal somewhere that I can manage. But a month without an oven is a nightmarish thought. So, I’ll just go and see what I can find on my next day off. Which is, fuck, sometime next week if I’m lucky. (Two jobs is really crushing this whole day off thing.) Well, in that case, Black Friday isn’t so far away.

Last night, I went to Target. One of the kids needed a little retail therapy and dipped into stashed cash to get a little pick-me-up. We also needed food and I only worked one job yesterday so why not. I decided to wander around the small appliances.

I spotted one little guy on sale. It had a bake setting and reached the temperatures I need to make bread. Oh yeah, it was on sale. I picked it up.

This morning, I made bread.  And sandwich rolls. While they were baking in the toaster oven, I fried doughnut holes on the stove top. And things were good.

So, we’ve got a temporary solution. And I can hold out until Black Friday (ugh).

And the kids aren’t allowed to use the toaster oven without direct supervision. I may have found a stop-gap for the oven situation, but I am not about to risk their safety to use it.


RIP My Oven

Fuck. Just fuck.

I’ve known since before I moved here that the stove wasn’t going to last forever. Hell, I knew it wasn’t going to last long. It’s officially over. The oven is done. The range top is still pathetically limping along, but the oven is done. I have to replace the whole thing.

I’m trying not to cry. I’m trying not to get down. I’m trying to be grateful that I still have stove access until I can get this replaced. I’m trying not to scream, “Why me?” at the top of my fucking lungs.

It’s all going to be okay. I’ll make it okay somehow. For now, I feel like wallowing in a bit of “This fucking sucks!” I’ll adjust my attitude tomorrow.