Married Man Magnet

Okay, seriously? Another one.

It was innocent enough. I would run into him here and there. He’d flirt a bit and I probably flirted back. I don’t know. I’m not as good at deciphering flirtatious body language since choosing the solo life.

Once it hit me that he might actually be interested in me romantically, I gave it some real thought. And I decided without a doubt that I don’t want to be in a relationship. If he made any kind of move, I’d call it right there. I really wasn’t sure about his intentions at that point, but I knew mine.

Then it happened. He told me I was attractive and he is interested in me, but he’s married so he’s going to back off now.

Really? Fucking really?

A week into January and I’ve already got a married man coming clean to me. I’m not interested in dating and, so help me, if I was, I sure the fuck wouldn’t be interested in dating a married man. It was fine when I thought he was a single guy with an interest, but a married one? Again? I’m disgusted.

Shall we start a pool for how many there will be in 2016?



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