Since cutting back to one job, Sundays are my only true days off. I have to work Saturdays fairly often – and frequently without compensation. So, Sundays are the only days I can count on being able to be home.

I try to make the most of it. I’ll usually let the kids sleep in. It gives me a chance to focus on what I want to accomplish and put together a plan for getting it done.

There’s bread every Sunday. Making it from scratch takes time so best to get to it early. Then, there’s pancakes. Vegan pancakes that everyone can eat and enough to make sure they’ll be available for breakfast until Wednesday. I like to get a batch of treats knocked out, too. Some cookies or muffins, maybe a cake or brownies. I also like to put together a dinner that can be revisited later in the week. There is a lot of cooking going on.

Since it’s January, I am all about cooking and baking that heats up the house. Come July, I’ll be all about the crock pot and smoothies.

After all we’ve been through, having a simple routine to rely on is comforting.


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