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Couponing Like a Pro…Not

I’d like to say that this post touches on the broke part of my theme, but it really illustrates it.

It’s the end of the school year and one of the kids needed about $75 worth of materials for big projects. It’s also the end of the month and not one of the months that left anything for extras.┬áThis is a recipe for difficult choices. My child needs these materials, but the only money we have was already slated for not quite enough food.

There are options, of course. Go drop the $75 and figure food out later. Borrow the money. Ask for the materials. I didn’t really find any of these options palatable.

The first thing I did was go coupon hunting. Most of these items were coming from a specific store which happens to post online coupons and mail print copies to regular customers. I combined both and went hunting. It took two trips (so that I could take advantage of online coupons twice), but I managed to get everything for under $40.

I still had to spend food money on these materials, but a $40 hit is easier to absorb than a $75 hit any day. I’ll just stretch what I do have a little farther and try to be a little more creative. It will work out.